Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm not going to devote a ton of time or effort to breaking down tonight's game; goodness knows I've done more than enough of that elsewhere tonight.

Instead, I want to start looking forward to Game 7.

My lineup for Game 7:

Eck, SS
P-Dub, LF
El Hombre, 1B
Instant Breakfast, RF
Spiezio, 3B
Jed, CF
Belly, 2B
Yadi, C
Soup, P

P-Dub has had the most success of anyone in the #2 hole. No one's really set the world on fire in that spot, mainly because this team isn't exactly the Murderer's Row Yankees. Rolen's shoulder is obviously impairing his ability to cover the plate, and the hole in his swing is just too big.

Edmonds needs to hit down in the lineup to cover for the fact that he's not healthy, and Spiezio is cooling but is still preferable to Rolen. The Loneliest Number doesn't really hit that well in the #4 hole, but he's the best option.

The bullpen's not in horrible shape, thankfully, although Tyler Johnson is probably not available. Looper should be an option of last resort, as tonight's performance clearly showed.


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