Thursday, April 20, 2006

Which guys do you think have been on steroids, and why?

- Kevin Millar: suddenly became a decent power hitter, but last season lost any ability to drive the ball (and wasn't injured.)

- Eric Gagne: Failed starter who becomes a shutdown closer only to break down spectacularly when steroid testing started in earnest.

- Brady Anderson: could be really juiced balls that one year, but guys don't come out of nowhere with a 40-HR season and then lose it the next year.

- Barry Bonds: I think this one's fairly self-explanatory.

- Roger Clemens: The rumor was going around last year that he'd tested positive. His breakdown over the last couple of months of the season seemed to be more than just an old pitcher wearing out, and it would certainly explain how he was able to maintain his velocity as well as he did.


At 10:54 PM, April 26, 2006, Blogger zridling said...

Perhaps all of them. From personal experience I can tell you that steroids are wonderful until they exact their revenge. And they always get their revenge on your body. We all know that the biochemical breakdown of DNA starting in the 30s accelerates quickly past age 32, 35, and by 40 you can't do what you were doing at 33 no matter how much you try.

Steroids, or Human Growth Hormone, skews that math and slows the body's breakdown. HGH will make an 80-year-old feel 35, trust me, I've seen it in nursing homes. Hitters have long been on the juice, but it's the pitchers I suspect of being members of the steroid club.

Modern ballplayers are big. But when you attend the ballparks, some of these guys could play for the Rams.

At 4:56 PM, April 28, 2006, Blogger NoPepperGames said...

I'd add Aubrey Huff and Adrian Beltre to the list.


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