Saturday, June 18, 2005

An update from the heart of Cardinal Nation:

* Scott Rolen is back, and it looks like he's gonna be fine as soon as he gets all the rust knocked off.

* The powder-blue road unis died for a reason, guys. Let them stay dead. Also, how in the hell can the D-Rays have a Throwback Day when they're not even 10 years old yet? Wearing University of Tampa jerseys doesn't make it Throwback Day, it makes it Truth In Advertising Day, because that's about the level the Devil Dogs are at.

* Lou Piniella said we were the most complete team they've seen all year, and they play in the AL East. That makes me happy.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Notes:

Scott Rolen is beginning his rehab assignment tomorrow, and is expected back for next weekend's series against the Tampa Bay Devil Dogs. When he gets back, I think Tony should seriously consider keeping Grudzielanek and Walker where they are rather than going back to the old lineup, because Grudzie has hit pretty well in the 2 hole.

Matt "Grizzly Adams" Morris is on the hill today. Let's see if pitching a complete game in his last start hurts him.

I picked up Aaron Boone as a fill-in for Corey Koskie on my fantasy team. Kevin Youkilis doesn't get enough playing time to be a real option at third, and I need someone who can get some ABs.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Random Thoughts: NYY vs. STL, June 11

- Larry Walker is a career .380 hitter against Randy Johnson. Therefore, we should blindly stick to his "2 on, 1 off" playing schedule rather than giving him tomorrow off and letting him hit against Johnson.

- If you want to give Edmonds a day off, don't do it the same day you're holding Walker out. Without at least one of those guys in there, we don't have enough power to seriously battle.

- Brad Thompson may actually be 11 years old.

- Scott Rolen is probably going on a rehab assignment after tomorrow, which is good. The question is, will it be Class AAA Memphis or Class A Palm Beach?

So, Game 2 of the Yanks-Cards series. Mark Mulder goes up against the Large Penis, Randy Johnson.

Should be an exciting game, and thanks to Fox, I'm getting to see it (sorry, those of you that wanted to see Cubs-Red Sox.)

So, this is the new baseball blog I'm going to never update. This will be where my fantasy ranting, my baseball bullshitting and other stuff will happen.